Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is highly appreciated and valued gemstone since classical times. Ancient people appreciated this semi-precious gem for its intense and deep blue color. The importance of color is also reflected in the name of this stone. This is because Lazur in Persian language is translated as blue stone. The intensity of blue color also reflects the price of Lapis Lazuli. More valuable and desirable pieces of this gem are those with intense blue color.

There are a few different minerals that are found in composition of Lapis Lazuli. These include Calcite, Pyrite, Sodalite as well as Lazurite. Whenever Lapis Lazuli contains more of Pyrite mineral, its appearance has gold flecks. They are highly appreciated by gemstone enthusiasts and make Lapis Lazuli value higher. When these flecks are white in color (not gold), the grade of Lapis Lazuli is lower. Lapis Lazuli deposits are found worldwide, but the most significant mining countries are Italy, USA, Afghanistan and Chile.

Lapis Lazuli stone is assigned to Sagittarius zodiac sign. When it comes to chakras, Lapis Lazuli can balance energy of Throat Chakra. Also this stone can be used for Third Eye activation. Individuals who seek to boost learning or enhance appetite for knowledge and truth should have Lapis Lazuli piece around. Due to these mentioned features this gem is recommended for professions like journalists, executives and even archaeologists. Lapis Lazuli stone is known to promote truth. Hence it can be beneficial in communication between friends, partners or family members.

This section of catalog features natural jewelry made from Baltic Amber, Lapis Lazuli and other semi-precious gems.