Delivery and Returns

When Will My Order be Shipped?

Amber & Gemstones is a manufacturing company, which means that we produce items when order is placed. While we tend to keep large quantities of our popular jewelry in stock, it can happen that some items would require production.

The time needed to prepare your order for shipment can vary depending on quantities and selected amber & gemstone jewelry. Most orders are being prepared within 3-7 business days; however this time can be longer for more complex orders. It happens that we have some months busier throughout the year, hence it can result in longer order preparation times as well. If you need to know approximate production time for your order, let us know. We will give you about average production terms

Once your order is fully prepared and shipped by your selected carrier, Amber & Gemstones sends confirmation e-mail. Tracking information is included in the e-mail; hence you will be able to follow your package progress. Delivery time for your package will vary based on your location and selected delivery method (Express or Standard).

What are Possible Ways of Delivery?

Amber & Gemstones is delighted to offer a possibility to order and ship our hand-made jewelry all over the world.

When placing an order in our website, you have a few options for delivery method. In the second step of check out process, please provide your shipping address. Later, you will be able to select from two shipping options.

  • Standard (via Registered Post).

The price for this shipping method is 12 EUR. The price is fixed for all weight packages and for all countries. When selecting Standard shipping method, please keep in mind that delivery time to some countries can be quite long (up to 45 days). We also don’t recommend selecting standard shipping for larger value orders since it is less reliable. Also, in some countries (Canada, Australia etc.) tracking of your package will not work. Hence if you want to see tracking updates for your package, select different delivery method.

Shipping times via Post can vary based on the time of the year. Although based on our experience the most common times are as follows: Europe – 15-30 days, USA – 15-45 days, elsewhere – up to 45 days.

  • Express (via DHL).

Depending on your address, shipping price via DHL can vary between 30-45 EUR. You will be provided with shipping estimate in the second step of check out process (after entering your delivery address). While the price of this delivery method is larger, we highly recommend it for higher value packages. As it is more reliable, your package will be delivered to you faster (up to 5 days). Also, DHL Express provides detailed tracking for its packages, hence you will be able to follow status at any time. Shipping time to Europe countries takes 1-2 day and other countries 3-5 days.

Please note that packages sent via both delivery methods are not insured. If you want your package to be insured additionally, let us know prior to shipping. For additional cost this service can be provided for your package.

If you have specific needs or requests for shipping method or timing, please let us know. Amber & Gemstones team always tries to be flexible with client needs and suggestions.

Can I track My Parcel?

All packages sent via Express shipping method (DHL) are fully tracked. With this shipping method you will be able to see detailed tracking events and even estimated shipping date.

Packages sent via Post can be tracked as well. Although tracking information is usually less detailed, hence it is difficult to know precise delivery day. Also, it can happen that post tracking might not work in some countries (Australia, Canada and etc). Hence tracking events will not update any further once the package reaches destination country.

Amber & Gemstones sends the tracking number immediately after dispatching the package. Depending on your shipping method, use one of the following links when tracking your package.

Packaging of the Parcel.

Depending on your order size, Amber & Gemstones will select the most suitable packaging option for you. All pieces are packed in a bundle, separated by design or length. We make great effort to ensure that all jewelry pieces would be packaged safely and would reach our clients undamaged.

For each jewelry piece in your order we also add a certificate of authenticity. It is a small card with sample jewelry testing results and we don’t charge additionally for it.

If you have specific requests for jewelry packaging, let us know. For a reasonable price, we will try to offer not too expensive options for separate jewelry packing like boxes, pouches, labels, certificates etc.

Can I Return Jewelry that don’t Meet my Expectations?

Amber & Gemstones takes great effort to produce only the highest quality hand-made jewelry. Despite that we understand that at times our jewelry might not meet our customer expectations. In these circumstances we try offer simple and not too expensive solutions for return.

Amber & Gemstones accepts return requests up to 15 days after the package was received by you.

To proceed with return, write as a quick e-mail to

We will try to find the cheapest and quickest way for you to return the items. Although, please note that we do not provide prepaid shipping label. This means that all return matters will be handled by receiver of the products. Depending on return reason, we might offer compensation for your return shipping costs. Once items are return back to us, we can offer replacement, refund or discount in equivalent amount from your future order.