Moonstone is assigned to Feldspar group of minerals. Its composition consists of two different varieties of Feldspars – Orthoclase and Albite. While many people associate Moonstone with white color, it can also be found in grey, green or peach colors. In most Moonstone pieces it is possible to see Adularescence effect. It is a common effect for Feldspar group of minerals, which scatter light into different directions when it’s in contact with a stone. Some pieces of Moonstone can have Cats Eye effect as well. This means that a light can move even beneath the surface of some stones.

Moonstone is affordable gemstone for most jewelry enthusiasts. Large resources of this gem are found in countries like Mexico, Australia, Norway, Armenia, Madagascar, India and others. The price of Moonstone can be higher if a piece has all possible visual effects – Asterism, Cats Eye and Adularescence.

Moonstone is one of traditional birthstones of June. Those who are born under Cancer sign, can consider Moonstone as their zodiac stone. According to traditions, this gem can be also given during 13-th year anniversary of marriage. Moonstone pieces are commonly used for clearing negativity from all Chakras. It is thought to improve balance between a person’s mind and heart. Since this stone has a strong effect on the Heart Chakra, it can also enhance romantic feelings and promote love.

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