About Us

What is our Company?

Welcome to the very magic and cosy handmade Amber & Gemstone Jewelry store!

With words like Nature, Creation and Joyfulness our friendly team greets you from Lithuania's capital – Vilnius.

Each piece is created with a lot of care, love and bright thoughts. We care about every current and future customer and want to grow together with your jewelry business. We care about your needs and want to implement even the most unusual expectations of yours.

Jewelry creation is a long process and it requires a lot of scrupulousness. Despite that all our jewelry makers love their work hence they create each piece as gifts to the world and people. During a pleasant process of jewelry making a lot of love and care is added to each bead and later piece.

Our wholesale shop offers a large assortment of handmade Amber & Gemstone Jewelry. You can select jewelry pieces for your business or order them for your personal needs. We offer jewelry lengths and designs suitable for children, adults and seniors. In site you can find a line of classical Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets.

Furthermore, we mix 100% genuine Baltic Amber beads with various gemstones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Quartz, Amazonite, Labradorite and many more. Also, there are separate lines of hand-made Amber jewelry made with Sterling Silver 925 and Hazelwood. AmberGemstones team is excided to create and share these magical pieces from nature with people from all over the world.

Our Mission. mission is to be an innovative and competitive Jewelry producing company that provides the best solution for each customer. Hence, we create only the highest quality hand-crafted products from natural materials.

We also seek that our team would be competent enough to perfectly serve our customers and make creative pieces of jewelry. We aim to take care of everything, and you will be left with only one thing – to sell.

Is our Service Responsible?

We believe that each Amber & Gemstones buyer deserves attention and personalized customer service.  Hence depending on your preference, you can reach us by e-mailing or by calling +37065807080.

We will do our best to answer all your questions related to our products or offer solutions to your problems. Our support is available on working days; hence you can get your questions answered quickly.

Our customer service doesn’t stop when the jewelry is delivered to you. If you need any additional support or information, we are here to help as well. team always tries to ensure that our jewelry would meet the highest quality standards. Before shipment we check each jewelry piece throughout to make sure it’s not damaged and in sellable condition. Whenever you are not happy with our jewelry quality, please let us know. We are always willing to discuss quality issues and offer possible solutions to each individual case.

Our Range of Products.

Amber & Gemstones company offers most popular Amber Jewelry pieces and wide range of unique designs mixed with gemstones. As our wholesale customer you have a choice of buying our design jewelry or requesting to make custom patterns. Since we are a manufacturing company, we can produce custom jewelry based on your request. Hence with a little creativity you can create unique line of jewelry for your store that is not available anywhere else.

Our line of traditional Amber Jewelry features colors such as Lemon, Honey, Green, Cognac, Cherry, Milky (or ButterScotch) and additional shades in between. When purchasing Amber Jewelry it is important to acknowledge that Amber is completely natural material. Hence it happens that there are slight variations in color. Each piece of amber can be slightly darker or lighter or may have inclusions. When ordering from Amber & Gemstones company you can choose polished or unpolished (raw) amber bead surface. Also you can mix different bead surface in one piece of amber jewelry and create unique looking pattern. When it comes to beads shape we offer the most popular amber shapes - baroque and olive (bean).

Besides jewelry with amber beads, we also offer a large selection of jewelry made with Baltic Amber and gemstones or Hazelwood. At the moment our design patterns features gemstones such as Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise, Sunstone, Amazonite, Labradorite, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine and many more.

We produce beautiful jewelry collections for both children and adults. The same jewelry designs can be made in different lengths so it can be sold as matching jewelry for the whole family.

As countries have different requirements for children jewelry safety, we produce necklaces with two trype of clasps. Hence you can choose either screw clasps or pop clasps. Bracelets and adult necklaces are typically made with screw clasps. For bracelets and anklets we also use screw type of clasps or alternatively they can be made on elastic band.

Even though we try to offer large choice of gemstones to create unique designs, it happens that our customers request additional gems. In these cases, we offer the possibility to mix our Amber beads with your gemstones. Just send us appropriate number of gems needed for your designs and we will send you back already finished products.

Are Our Products High-Quality?

Materials used in jewelry making can be completely natural or enhanced. Both have benefits and downsides. We understand that some buyers prefer beauty (enhanced gemstones), while others value naturalism.

Amber & Gemstones company’s mission is to produce jewelry pieces that would be natural. Whenever materials used in jewelry making are enhanced in any way, we feel responsible to provide this information to our buyer.

Amber & Gemstones uses only 100% genuine Baltic Amber when making jewelry pieces. We have long lasting business relationship with our suppliers; hence we can guarantee authenticity of our jewelry. To make our claims more reliable, from time to time we test sample jewelry. Tests are done by certified Amber laboratory; hence you can rely on their results. For each jewelry piece we sell, we include small Certificate of Authenticity.

Our company also uses only undyed and higher-grade gemstones in jewelry pieces. Whenever gemstones are not natural or enhanced in any other way, we include this information in product description.