If you are interested in becoming A WHOLSELLER of our hand-made jewelry - you are kindly welcome. provides competitive wholesale prices, high quality jewelry and friendly customer service. Depending on your ordering needs (custom designs or our jewelry), please choose the most suitable purchase method based.

Ordering Amber & Gemstone Jewelry by using shopping cart. It is very convenient and fast way to order our Jewelry at wholesale prices.

  • Choose the products and quantities you would like to order and add them to the shopping cart. Please note that some items are available in our stock, while others might require production. In most cases Amber & Gemstones team can prepare your order for shipping in 3-7 business days.
  • Further press the buttons according to the ordering guide. Please note that Amber & Gemstones allows ordering as guest, so it is not necessary to register account with us. Although if you are planning to make repeated orders in Amber & Gemstones website, we strongly suggest doing that. This way you will not need to enter your shipping address and other needed information multiple times.
  • In the second step of ordering choose your preferred shipping way (Regular Post or Express Shipping). Please note that prior to entering shipping address, Amber & Gemstones cart will add VAT taxes. These taxes will disappear if your shipping address is outside EU. In case you are VAT registered, contact us with your VAT number and we will transfer your account to business customers. This way VAT taxes will not be calculated for your orders as well.
  • In the fourth step, select one of available payment methods - Paypal or Bank Transfer. With Paypal you will be instantly redirected to make a payment. If you will select Bank Transfer as payment method, you will be provided with information where to make transfer.
  • Once we receive payment from you, the order will be dispatched a.s.a.p. Later, the confirmation with tracking number will be sent to your e-mail box.

Ordering Amber Jewelry designs or lengths we don't offer in our online shop. The goal of Amber & Gemstones team is to be flexible and to do the utmost in fulfilling needs of our wholesale clients. Therefore, we can make your desired design necklaces, bracelets or anklets too. Also, in our website we add an option to order only certain lengths like 14 cm, 16 cm and etc. If you prefer to order other lengths, we can produce them for you as well. The steps of how you can request custom jewelry or lengths are described below.

  • Please write us at and provide us with your order details. When ordering custom designs, for us it’s quite useful to get photos of jewelry, sketches or detailed descriptions of the pattern, gemstones used, string color etc. This way we can produce your jewelry accurately and avoid potential manufacturing mistakes. Once we have this information, we will send information regarding wholesale prices, manufacturing and delivery deadlines.
  • Please note that our ability to produce custom designs can be limited to the gemstones that we keep in stock. The list of gemstones can be found in the main category of Amber and Gemstones website. The size of gemstones is also limited to 6 mm.
  • If you decide to order custom jewelry, please note that MOQ (minimum order quantity) per one design or length is 10 pieces.

If you have more questions regarding ordering process or you want to contribute to Amber & Gemstones shop, please contact us via email or by phone +37065807080.

Thank you for your time and interest in becoming a wholesaler of Amber & Gemstones jewelry. We look forward to working with your business!