Payment Methods

How to Make a Payment?

For convenience of our customers, offers a few different methods to make a payment for ordered goods. Payment option for your order can be selected in the fourth step of shopping cart checkout process.

We accept the following methods for payment:

  • Via your PayPal account;
  • Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and etc.). Card processing is handled by secure PayPal checkout system;
  • Via Direct Bank Transfer;
  • Western Union.

Via your PayPal Account.

When shopping at website it is possible to make a payment by using the most popular online payment system - PayPal. In order to submit payment via PayPal system you need to log into your PayPal account and complete your purchase. Please note that we do not request or charge any additional transaction fees for this payment method.

Credit and Debit Cards (via secure PayPal Checkout System).

PayPal enables online buyers to pay for products and services by using all major credit cards. It is not necessary to have or register PayPal account in order to pay via one of your credit cards. By providing your credit card details to Paypal, you will be able to complete your purchase in Amber & Gemstones store. We do not request any additional transaction fees for this payment method as well.

Via Direct Bank Transfer.

Amber & Gemstones also accept international payments via Bank Transfer. When making a payment for your order, please make sure that you are sending money in our currency – Euro.

Also keep in mind that some banks or credit institutions might add additional fees for making international bank transfers. All possible fees of money transfer should be paid by a sender. We request to receive the precise amount as shown your order invoice or shopping cart. In the matter that we receive lower transfer amount, we might delay shipping of your order until the difference is settled.

All needed bank transfer details such as receiver name, bank account number, bank information etc. will be provided to you once you confirm your order.

Do not forget to insert your order reference (for example #879) in the subject of your bank wire. You will be able to see this reference in your order details. Also, an email confirmation will be sent including this number. Providing reference number is not mandatory. However, it can be helpful if you are doing a payment from different name than your Amber & Gemstones account. It will help us to confirm your payment and start working on your order quicker.

Via Western Union.

This payment method will not appear when selecting payment method during checking out process. Nevertheless, if you want to make payment by using Western Union service, we can accept it as well.

In order to pay using this payment option, select Bank Transfer as payment option during check out. Later, write us an e-mail to info@ambergemstones and let us know that you want to pay via Webstern Uninion. We will provide receivers details, so that you would be able to proceed with a payment. 

What are VAT Taxes?

Amber & Gemstones is a VAT registered company. This means that we are required to collect and pay VAT taxes when our jewelry is purchased by EU clients. VAT taxes will not be charged for clients who can provide us with a valid VAT Number. Please register an account at Amber & Gemstones website and send us a quick e-mail with your VAT number. If your number is valid, we will transfer your account to business clients. After that you will no longer be charged VAT for current and future orders. Please note that checking is done manually, hence it can take some time.

If your shipping address is not in EU, you will not be charged these taxes. VAT taxes will disappear from your shopping cart once you enter non-EU based address (after completing 2-nd checking out step).